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In this era where a premium is placed on evidence-based medical and surgical treatment, it is important for spine surgeons to actively engage in research, interpretation and application. Level-1 evidence through randomized, prospective clinical trials remains the gold standard in research and should be attained whenever possible.

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The term alternative medicine encompasses a wide array of treatments, which may include acupuncture, yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Although supporting research is limited, many patients experience positive progression and relief from pain as a result of alternative treatments.

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Dr. Roush takes great pride in the unique status afforded him when he completed a year long fellowship dedicated to Spinal Arthroplasty (Disk Replacement). In addition to authoring a portion of the book "Motion Preservation in Spine Surgery," (See 38 Spine Surgeons Focusing on Motion Preservation) he remains active running one of the busiest Disk Replacement practices in the United States. As many clinical studies have highlighted the correlation between excellent surgical outcomes and volume, we invite you to contact our office to discuss travel options to South Florida to join the multitude of other patients whose high quality of life has been restored after disk replacement surgery.

Dr. Roush has extensive national and international experience with surgeon education and technology development in the field of spinal endoscopy. As arguably the leading American surgeon in Endoscopic Surgery using proven decompression techniques, Dr. Roush is able to offer his patients much less invasive alternatives to address nerve compression and irritation caused by disc problems. The method and technique used by Dr. Roush during Endoscopic Lumbar Surgery allow for extremely quick recovery with minimal pain, without compromising the prime focus of decompression of the neurologic structures previously producing pain. We invite you to contact our office to discuss travel options to South Florida to join the multitude of other patients whose choice of endoscopic surgical solutions has allowed them to regain their activity levels without subjecting themselves to the sometimes painful recovery of more invasive procedures.

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